Rights & Metadata Madness Conference to Address Smart Contracts and the Digital Supply Chain, July 20 in NYC

NEW YORK — Following on the success of its recent Metadata Madness series of conferences in Los Angeles and New York, the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) has announced its inaugural Rights & Metadata Madness: Where Legal Meets the Digital Supply Chain conference, scheduled for July 20 at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York. The event will provide a ‘deep dive’ into the new opportunities for broadcast companies to integrate “smart contract” data directly into their digital supply chains.

“By embedding data into their rights and contracts workflows broadcasters will are now able to reach out to more consumers, on more platforms and devices, to generate greater revenues,” explains conference chair Christy King. “Content owners require real-time access to rights information and availability on the basis of geography, language and interest of its targeted consumer groups.”

Keynote addresses will include media business attorneys Elizabeth Scott, CEO of nRapt (formerly of MLB and Lincoln Center), and Chey Blake, Entertainment and Media Business Advisor (formerly of A&E Networks). These two long-time media contract rights creators and interpreters will shed light onto the business opportunities and realities of embedding rights contract data into today’s broadcast automation systems.

By some estimates, Intellectual Property constitutes about 40-50% of a broadcasting company’s assets. This means a company has to spend a significant amount of money and time to build, license or co-produce its content and, as a result, it has become paramount that companies be able to react quickly to demands when new revenue opportunities for their content become available. In today’s ‘multi-platform’ distribution landscape, organizations have to easily determine who owns rights to distribute content, where they can exercise those rights, and what the time period those rights are for

Rights & Metadata Madness will bring together legal and digital supply chain experts to delve into ways their departments are now working together toward automating the distribution of rights data; review and approval workflows; and the development of “smart contracts”.

For more information on Rights & Metadata Madness: Where Legal Meets the Digital Supply Chain visit: http://www.metadatamadness.com/rights/program/

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