Jason Kassin, Filmtrack

Jason Kassin - FilmtrackJason Kassin
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

JASON KASSIN is Co-Founder and CEO of FilmTrack, a leading provider of content and rights management for the global film and television industry. A cloud-based, SaaS company, FilmTrack offers enterprise-class solutions for contract administration, rights management, physical materials tracking, and delivery and display of rich media and content. FilmTrack’s product suite and services, which are now in use by more than 100 film and television distributors including Lionsgate, Relativity Media, Miramax, Focus Features, Starz and Screen Australia, help companies drive sales productivity and growth by better managing and monetizing IP throughout its life cycle. A lifelong software engineer, Jason was hired while still in high school to develop an inventory management and control system for the NYC Board of Education. Graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Film And Theater, he launched FilmTrack in the 1990s after being asked to design contract administration software for a number of leading international film distributors. Today Jason oversees FilmTrack’s day-to-day operations, strategic direction and delivery of business solutions to many top companies in film and television. An accomplished screenwriter and actor, he also navigates seamlessly between the technical and creative worlds from artistic inception through commercial exploitation.

Craig Seidel, MovieLabs

Craig Seidel - MovieLabs x300Craig Seidel
Vice President, Distribution Technology
Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (MovieLabs)

Craig Seidel is Vice President, Distribution Technology at MovieLabs where he focuses on all aspects of the digital supply chain including metadata, file delivery and avails. Craig architected and authored the Common Metadata family of specifications and defined much of the UltraViolet system. He also specializes in technologies applicable to fingerprinting, content protection and Digital Cinema. Prior to MovieLabs, Craig led a variety of engineering and operations project, including peer-to-peer anti-piracy (Hawkeye), software licensing (FlexLM), DVR (TiVo), Interactive Television (Liberate), electronic publishing (EFI Fiery), survivable networks, and satellite ground stations. Craig holds a B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley and an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University; and has been issued 10 patents.

Alex Grimwade, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Alex Grimwade - FoxAlex Grimwade
Senior Vice President, Television Production InfoTech
Twentieth Century Fox Television

Alex Grimwade joined Twentieth Century Fox Television as head of Technology in 2005, overseeing corporate technology for television production and operations, Consumer Products, and Fox Mobile Entertainment. Prior to joining TCFTV, Alex worked for Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group, and consulted for Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution. She has focused on Media and Entertainment business systems strategy and development since 1993, including work at Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. She specializes in the development of television production, distribution and intellectual property management systems. Alex graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and completed the Information Systems program at UCLA, as well as the Executive Program in Technology Governance at MIT Sloan.

Guillaume Aubuchon, DigitalFilm Tree

Guillaume Aubuchon x300Guillaume Aubuchon
Chief Technology Officer
DigitalFilm Tree

Guillaume Aubuchon has spent the past decade melding the latest in technological innovation with the century old tradition of filmmaking. From television such as Nip/Tuck, The Sarah Silverman Program, and NCIS: Los Angeles to theatrical projects like Spike Jonzes’ “Her”, he has been a leader in the emergence of file-based workflows as they permeate the creative process.

Guillaume has been involved with many firsts including the development of camera systems, editing software, and storage solutions. Now as CTO of DigitalFilm Tree, he finds himself focused on bringing cloud workflow into mainstream production. Working on shows such as Mistresses and Perception, he has sought to bring practical use of cloud technologies into active television and film productions. After speaking to thousands at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong and encouraging greater interest in media from that community, he hopes to boost adoption of OpenStack in entertainment.

Anthony Accardo, Disney

anthony accardo x300Anthony Accardo
Director, Research and Development
Disney | ABC Television Group

Anthony Accardo is the Director, R&D for Disney ABC Television Group and also oversees the Metadata and Taxonomy group. He began his career at Disney in 2010 at Disney Research, the corporate R&D arm. In July 2012, he began an applied R&D group for Vince Roberts, CTO of Disney ABC Television Group, to help evaluate new technologies and execute proof of concepts. Prior to Disney, he worked in strategy and finance for American Airlines. Anthony has a BS in Philosophy and BBA in Finance from Southern Methodist University, and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

JR Yasgur, Sony Pictures Entertainment

JR Yasgur headshot 150x150JR Yasgur
Senior Vice President, Global Data Strategy & Operations
Sony Pictures Entertainment

JR Yasgur is the Vice President, Aggregated Metadata Management & Operations (AMMO) at Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). Ms. Yasgur’s department, AMMO, is the business owner of SPE’s centralized intellectual property / title master system and the studio’s physical and first-generation digital asset management system. AMMO develops, implements, and enforces metadata standards for the studio’s critical title, version, and asset metadata. The systems of which AMMO is the business owner feeds 325K+ title records and 3M+ asset records to 60+ systems and thousands of users worldwide. Ms. Yasgur’s department curates, normalizes, and publishes enhanced value-add metadata to fuel digital business models including second screen experience and improved content discovery. Ms. Yasgur’s responsibilities also include creation and servicing of title metadata standards for nearly 100 digital clients worldwide. Furthermore, Ms. Yasgur leads change management initiatives in response to emergent content exploitation and digital fulfillment business requirements. Ms. Yasgur is involved with industry-wide initiatives (e.g., EIDR) that involve consortiums of industry stakeholders to define future standards.Ms. Yasgur is the co-inventor of two patents to codify constructs for metadata management.