Let the games begin!

Just as the NCAA Tournament grabs the spotlight for sports fans nationwide, a crew of several hundred data hoopsters will be gathering in LA in late March to address the often maddening and certainly game changing process of defining and aligning the fields of data that will help automate the new creative, production, distribution and business processes for the digital entertainment age.

We’re inviting the Most Outstanding Players in the metadata field to join together for the very first time  — to step onto center court to shoot, pass and score with their respective perspectives on how Hollywood and its network of partners can identify their content everywhere from the lens to the living room.

And because it’s Metadata Madness, we’re going to take these team stats and analytics and make it as exciting as the Final Four.

Stay tuned for more details but here’s a quick view of what we’ll be covering:

  • Metadata Madness! Driving Efficiencies in the Media Supply Chain: How metadata drives business value and the media supply chain.
  • Metadata Quality: What are the current standards, who is doing the work and where are they at in the process?
  • Metadata Value:  Real case studies of analytics, operational improvements, and consumer benefits that are being realized by today’s metadata.
  • Metadata Moves Upstream:  How are upstream producers and suppliers addressing production metadata needs and what impact will their work have on the entire downstream workflow.

Grab a beer and hot dog, make some noise and cheer on your favorite players at this year’s Metadata Madness, this first annual event for those of us in the content game who love setting the rules.

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